Your wedding at Castle Noland


The front lawn is a spectacular backdrop for your beautiful Wedding. With the Castle as your background, you can arrange your wedding and reception exactly to your taste with plenty of room to dance. We can accommodate 200 guests outside, or 50 inside. There is parking for 20 cars at the Castle. You or we can arrange Shuttle Service to move guests up from the Entrance Parking lot to our hilltop perch. To have a wedding, you would book the Castle for two nights and have up to 10 overnight guests (see “About Castle Noland”). Small weddings of less than 50 people may use the inside of the Castle. The Castle Kitchen can handle the overnight guests, but for a large wedding or group, a caterer or other arrangement would need to be made that is self sufficient. Of course we can supply power as needed. Inclement weather may require a tent. Check this weather table for more info. There are many local wedding rental companies that will deliver exactly the tables, chairs, dance floor, and other accessories you may need.

Rules for Large Groups (over 10)

  • Wedding or large party groups (over 50) must reserve the Castle for a minimum of two nights and there will be an additional fee depending on the size of the group.
  • No more than 10 will be allowed to spend the night.
  • By county ordinance, noise must end at 10 PM.
  • Maximum of 20 cars are allowed at the Castle. Additional parking will require a Shuttle from the parking area at the base of the drive and Entrance.
  • No more than 50 people are allowed inside at one time.
  • When there is a large group, over 50, guests must be directed to use auxiliary bathrooms outside the Castle.

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